let’s grow stepping out of boundaries


RollDBox Games is a brand new studio, based in Barcelona.

We are in the creation process and assembling an incredible team with 

an amazing project in our hands.

We are aiming to make a strong impact on the current game genres
 creating high standard games in a value-based company structure.


What we

believe in

Transparency, Respect and Commitment are for us the best way to create an environment of collaboration, creativity and innovation. 

These are our values
that guide us every day!

We love teams that desire to learn and evolve every day, feeling part of the purpose.

What we

Dream of

Creating amazing video games

with a subconscious meaningful
learning, interesting adventures
and stories, within a


Who we are

Conxi of rollDbox

Conxi - CEO

Computer Engineer specialized in structuring and implementing complex projects for Company transformation. Passionate about Agile and team's power.

Ferran of rollDbox

Ferran - CCO

General Game designer with experience in Mobile and PC, who loves using Asymmetric and Motivation-based designs to create engaging experiences.

Jorgina Matias

Jorgina - VFX & 3D artist

Passioned artist with the illusion of creating unique universes beyond the limits of your imagination.

Alfred Barbero

Alfred - Gameplay Developer

Computer Engineer who loves programming and playing with new technologies. Passionate about bug fixing and general optimization.

Let´s get



If you believe the same as us, and you feel that you can contribute to building amazing video games experiences, when your dream matches ours, let us know about you!

  • Concept Artist – Remote Job

Partners & Collaborators


B2C is our main focus and, as part of our position value, B2B is a very interesting market and has still unsatisfied demands, which we also included as a strategy in our development plans. We will start a seed round by 1H2021. If you are interested in our project, we would love to discuss our plans with you.