We are RollDBox Games

We make video games that cause a positive energy rush in the gaming community.

Video games have the power to generate a positive force in our lives and improve our social skills through interaction while enjoying a fascinating experience.

There is a whole community of game changers who believe in a new way to have fun living fascinating stories, playing as a team in an environment where adventures generate positive energy and where the power of the gamer community is the key to success.


What we dream of

Creating amazing video games

with a subconscious meaningful
learning, interesting adventures
and stories, within a

Our hashtag: #YOU MAKE THE GAME

Their society was on the verge of extintion…

…their world was fainting…

…their future depend on themselves…

A new kind of video game, an adventure with RPG components where you must heal instead of kill. Enjoy a bracing positive experience,  as solo or up to 4 friends in this online cooperative game. 

We are not walkers nor simulators.

Do you want to know more?

Who we are

Our studio is based in Barcelona.

We believe in transparency, respect and commitment are for us the best way to create an environment of collaboration, creativity and innovation. We love teams that desire to learn and evolve every day, feeling part of the purpose.

These are the values that guide our team every day!

Meet the game changers team:

Conxi - Managing Director & Co-Founder

Computer Engineer specialized in structuring and implementing complex projects. Passionate about video game production, agile and team's power.

Ferran - CCO & Co-Founder

General Game designer with experience in Mobile and PC, who loves using Asymmetric and Motivation-based designs to create engaging experiences.

Scot Bayless - Advisor Senior Video Games Industry

Senior Video Games Creator and Executive has been a technology and creative leader for 30 years and produced hit games at Sega, Microsoft, EA and Capcom.

Nick - 3D Artist

CG Generalitst passionate about the technical and creative aspects of every field involving 3D art.

Sara - Content Editor

Polyglot and expert in copywriting, content strategy and generation who loves video games and design.


If you share our beliefs and you feel that you can contribute to building amazing video games experiences, we want to meet you. These are our current openings:

  • Gameplay UE Programmer


Let´s get


Fancy something you like? Let’s keep in touch! If you have more questions or you want to know more about our games or our studio, feel free to drop us an email.  


We won Audience Award at SAGA 2022!

We were at Game Connection 2022!

We were at Gamescom 2022!

We are very excited about our participation at Gamescom!

Best Trailer Gamescom 2022 by Paste Magazine!

We were at GDC 2022

We received many visitors to our booth at the Spanish Pavilion and the demo presented was liked by the gamers who tried it!
You can now download it on our Steam page.

Creating amazing video games

with a subconscious meaningful
learning, interesting adventures
and stories, within a

 our hashtag: #YOU MAKE THE GAME

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